First post!

Hey Guys!

Sooo, first blog entry, I'm so excited!! (and nervous, but don't tell anyone)

I am a Yogi, artist, philosophy student, and world traveler. I Started this blog to record and share my thoughts, and my journey on this little planet. I wanted to show some stuff in my life. I think it’s important to be able to have fun while learning and exploring this world.

Most of my posts will be about how I save plants from eminent death (which I caused), my work as a yoga teacher, my painting, crazy projects, and in general my life.

So, my latest project is learning anatomy with my little sister. My fascinating with Anatomy started when I was six and my mom got me an amazing book that showed the different levels of the body. When I studied to be a yoga teacher, I wanted to know all there was to know about the body, so that I could really understand how the body was moving during yoga. 

I admit that watching House and Greys anatomy also got me excited about anatomy and physiology : -P

So last month I realized that I wanted to learn Anatomy for years, but that I never got to it, and decided that it’s time to really delve into the subject. 

And it’s amazing!! My yoga practice, and my teaching of yoga is improving as I deepen my knowledge of the body. In yoga we meditate on the body, on the physical sensations and energy flows as we practice. We learn about the body through internal observation.  Combining the deep awareness cultivated through yoga practice with the scientific knowledge of the body is really allowing me to understand the body both from within and from without.  Learning anatomy is like learning a new language, it takes years of learning to understand the body, but even though I just started, I already feel that it has opened a new window into yoga. 


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