Trusting the Universe

Often in yoga we speak about trust, trust in the universe and in our selves. And it is an idea that I struggled with for a long time. But as I continue to practice I feel that the idea of trust and surrender makes more and more sense, and I though I'd share some thoughts on the subject.  

The concept of trust comes from the fifth Niyama, Isvara-pranidhana. This can be translated as trust, devotion, or surrender. To each of us that devotion or trust will look different. For some it will involve a higher power, and to others, like me, it will be a recognition of the ever-moving, ever changing power of the universe.

But what does this trust in the universe entail? Are we to sit on the sidelines as our lives happen? Surely that is not a healthy or constructive approach. But neither is it healthy to attempt to control everything in life.

So what do the yogis mean when they speak of 'trust in the universe'?

The Buddha teaches that suffering comes from fighting against reality. What is, is. It is useless to think that that I am not flexible enough, that my relationship shouldn’t have ended, because I can only go so far in Uttanasana, and the relationship didn’t last. Katie Byron calls this type of thinking ‘arguing with reality’, and it’s useless, because reality always wins. But that does not mean that we shouldn’t try to improve our flexibility, or our lives. It just means that as you attempt to reach your toes in Uttanasana, smile, and accept were you at the present moment. Practice yoga and life with self-love and humility. And it is that acceptance that frees the energy that was ties up in that useless battle with reality, and allows us work with zeal and devotion to the practice.

Namaste :-) 

Oh, and if you liked the subject of ths post, I highly recommend Katie Byron's book 'Loving What Is'.


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